D16 Coffee Opens its Second Outlet in Split

D16 Coffee Opens its Second Outlet in Split

After another crazy summer for D16 Coffee in Diocletian’s Palace we are proud to announce the opening of our second outlet, a little espresso bar on Domovinskog rata 39B in the so-called Muslimanka building.

Tucked in just off the busy street, D16 Coffee – Muslimanka is an ideal pit-stop to enjoy a coffee on the terrace or grab a quick coffee to-go during break time.

D16 Coffee serves its very own freshly roasted 100% arabica specialty coffee to guests and we don’t want to limit its availability to just within the palace. Therefore, with the opening of our second outlet in a busy residential and business district, we have made great coffee available beyond the hustle and bustle of old town.

Below is a little sneak peek of the tiny espresso bar, adorned with coffee inspired details and our well-known illustrations by Luka Duplancic.

Visit us: D16 Coffee – Muslimanka

Domovinskog rata 39B

About D16 Coffee

D16 Coffee is an enthusiastic team of baristas and specialty coffee roasters from Split boasting a roastery, charming coffee shop in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace and an espresso bar in a busy district near old town.

At D16 Coffee, we always strive to source the best green beans from the current season which we freshly roast, allowing our passionate baristas to pour the greatest coffee to our customers. We exclusively use 100% arabica specialty coffee beans that comply with the highest standards of farming, drying, sorting, transporting and roasting set by the Specialty Coffee Association. Our baristas and roasters are educators and innovators, constantly experimenting with new blends and brew methods to ensure the smoothest cup every time.

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