4 Ways to Great Coffee at Home

Everyday one of our customers ask for advance on how to make our coffee at home so after a successful and casual workshop where we showcased how to brew our coffee at home, here is a simple step by step guide to making drip coffee, moka, french press and Turkish coffee.


V60 pour-over coffee is not that filter coffee you drank at home in the 90’s. This slow hand-poured method allows the water more time to come in contact with the coffee and is poured in stages in order to extract the most flavor from the freshly ground coffee.

We use a 1:15 coffee to water ratio, in this case 20g ground coffee and 300ml water.

  • Place paper filter in V60 and pre-wet

  • Heat water to 90-94 degrees celcius
  • Grind your coffee to a medium coarse consistency and add coffee to V60 filter

  • Pour 50ml water over coffee in circular motion. This process is called “blooming” where the coffee is soaked in order to allow CO2 gasses to be released.

  • After 45 seconds pour 70ml water over coffee
  • Wait another 45 seconds then pour 60ml of water over coffee
  • Repeat step 3 two more times so the last pour will be at three minutes
  • Ready to drink after 3:30 minutes.


Who doesn’t have this eight-sided Italian wonder should get one ASAP. The 1933 engineering masterpiece is your best way to an appropriately dense espresso at home without the need of state-of-the-art equipment.

We won’t give you quantities here; it depends on the size of your moka pot.

  • Heat water to 60 degrees celsius.
  • Grind coffee slightly coarser than for espresso.
  • Fill heated water in the bottom compartment of the moka till just below the valve.
  • Fill moka filter with ground coffee without pressing or tamping it.

  • Assemble the rest of the moka pot and place to stove.
  • When you hear the water boiling (and the top compartment is filled), the coffee is finished.
  • Cool pot under cold water in order to prevent over extraction.



Here is a little guide to a small batch of the easiest (and laziest) home brew method.

  • 15g coffee and 250ml water
  • Heat water to 90-94 degrees celsius
  • Grind coffee (very coarse)
  • Add coffee to French press

  • Slowly in a circular motion pour 100ml of water over the coffee and let it bloom for 15-30 seconds (the older the coffee the longer blooming time required.

  • Add the remaining 150ml water to the coffee and let it sit for 4 minutes
  • Slowly press down and immediately drink and enjoy



Drinking Turkish coffee has a long-standing tradition in Croatia and everyone has their own method they claim as gospel. Therefore, we will show you the method that we like the most using our medium dark roast, Nostalgia.

  • Heat 200ml water to 60 degrees celsius
  • Grind 20g coffee as fine as possible
  • Add coffee (approx. 5 tsp) to Turkish coffee pot
  • Add heated water to coffee pot
  • Stir it with wooden spoon/stick
  • Place over stove
  • When crema starts to rise, remove from heat and pour immediately

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