D16 Coffee is an enthusiastic team of baristas and specialty coffee roasters from Split boasting a roastery, charming coffee shop in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace and an espresso bar in a busy district near old town.

At D16 Coffee, we always strive to source the best green beans from the current season which we freshly roast, allowing our passionate baristas to pour the greatest coffee to our customers. We exclusively use 100% arabica specialty coffee beans that comply with the highest standards of farming, drying, sorting, transporting and roasting set by the Specialty Coffee Association. Our baristas and roasters are educators and innovators, constantly experimenting with new blends and brew methods to ensure the smoothest cup every time.

Our name, D16, is simply an abbreviation of our first address and location of our flagship coffee shop (Dominisova 16) which pays homage to medieval archbishop and scientist Marco Antonio de Dominis who devised the theory of light and the theory of the rainbow. Therefore, our signature light roast is called Dominis blend.

We are proud of Croatia’s rich coffee drinking culture which has been shaped by the Ottomans, Venetians, and Austro-Hungarians. Thus our locations and branding is adorned by quirky illustrations by academic artist Luka Duplancic who showcases this millennia-long tradition merged with urban elements to represent our third wave approach and modern-day’s demand for an even better cup.

D16 Coffee also offers hospitality professionals with basic and intermediate barista training as well as packaged blends and single origin coffee, bottled cold brew and merchandise for wholesale and retail sale.


My friend and I stumbled upon this cafe whilst in Split and we're so glad we did because the coffee was great and the people behind the bar were super nice and friendly and offered up a lot of good tips on places to visit. Great decor too! Thanks guys!

Aivi Luik

Best coffee shop in Split, amazing coffee. Great space to chill out and the best staff. Really warm place to be greeted by a smile. Highly recommend.

Nick Hathaway

When you walk into a coffee caffe in Split and there is a Mizudashi on the top shelf, a bar that consist of mostly stuff like Hendricks Gin and fine scotch and a friendly, English speaking barista behind the bar you know you have arrived in a little piece of 3rd wave coffee heaven in Croatia. The coffee was fine, single source and fresh roasted, no lavazza here and the addition of cold brew gives a plus to the usual espresso only fare you find in Croatia. Recommended. Avoid all other coffee in split and go here.

Lee Drake