We love to collaborate with like-minded businesses who understand and appreciate our obsession about good coffee.
Contact us if you are interested in stocking our pouring D16 Coffee’s products in your retail outlet or hospitality establisment so we can tailor-make an offer to suit your needs.


Why not enhance your next event with coffee?

With a complete mobile set-up including espresso-based coffee poured on a La Marzocco GS3, custom branded to-go cups, latte art throw-downs, cold brew on ice and V60 pour-overs, D16 Coffee can cater to your caffeine needs at your next corporate event, festival, wedding or fair.


Our team have been professionally trained in maintenance of the best espresso machines on the market so if your espresso machines needs a little tinkering and a facelift, D16 Coffee is there to support our clients with their maintenance needs.
Not sure what coffee equipment and machines to get for your establishment?
D16 Coffee will advise and guide you to achieve the best bar flow and equipment set-up assisted by our positive relationships with our suppliers.


Awesome coffee is just half the job done. Bringing out the best from the greatest coffee requires equally great equipment and barista skills.
Therefore the D16 Coffee School provides our accounts, hospitality professionals
and enthusiasts alike with as much training as needed in our roasters, cafe, or off-site.


  • introduction to coffee (coffee varieties)
  • history of coffee
  • basics of roast profiles
  • role of barista
  • brewing
  • espresso machine
  • extraction and milk (tamping, espresso extraction, steaming milk)
  • basic latte art
  • cleaning and maintenance


  • explaining Arabica (varieties,seeding, picking, drying)
  • more about roast profiles
  • theory of extraction (finding the sweet spot)
  • advanced latte art
  • shop hospitality
  • cleaning and maintenance